FINE SUNTRONIX was established at 1979 and decided on its quality
policy as "The Best Quality, The Highest Service". We are very specialized manufacturer of the power supply with high credibility and high efficiency for communications and industries.

The R&D Institute which performs perfect designs independently with its technical experts of the expertise and the technology, the Reliability Engineering which is practiced in severe experiment conditions to prevent even a minor error, the Total Quality Control and the Automated Efficient Manufacturing Facilities, and the Rapid After Sales Customer Service are the very strong weapons of FINE SUNTRONIX to give the complete satisfaction in the optimized environment.

We have certified ISO9001 for the first time in the allied industries and actualized the quality for quality principle by acquiring domestic and foreign safety standards and quality certification such as UL, CSA, CE, EM, etc.
FINE SUNTRONIX will be the leader as the provider of the total solution in the field of the electric power and the electronic equipment by developing various reliable SMPS and electronic parts. Moreover, we will make every effort incessantly to satisfy the changing and various requirements of customers.

FINE SUNTRONIX has manufactured about 600 kinds of standard power supply equipment such as economic ESF series, highly efficient VSF series, international safety standard certified MSF series DC/DC Converter. In addition to these equipment, FINE has manufactured the power supply of customized specifications which fulfills the changing requirement of customers and has manufactured the electric power and electronic parts such as Solid State Relay, Noise Filter and so on.

These products are designed to add options in accordance with their applications to broaden the range of the choice and to consider customers' convenience. Moreover, we have introduced the Cell Type production system that is suitable to the production of small quantity with various kinds as well as variable quantity with modified and variant kinds. This is to supply even small quantities of products swiftly through the abundant line-up. Additionally, we become to be able to face customers' needs with flexibility and to alleviate the time and the expense by being adapted to the mass production system as well as the production of small quantities with various kinds.


FINE SUNTRONIX has done its best setting "The Best Quality, The Highest Service" as its quality policy to materialize the customer satisfaction.

That is, FINE SUNTRONIX performs the following key quality assurance actions to guarantee customers the proper application for any purpose without any troubles.


R&D is the most important stage that decides the quality and the reliability of products. The first procedure of the Design is performed according to the thorough investigation and the standardized procedure. Then Design Review, Design Verification and Design Validation are followed to create the Prototype.


FINE SUNTRONIX carries out the following activities to guarantee the quality of products.

  FINE SUNTRONIX warrants standard products for 1 ~ 5 years in accordance with the attached specification of each product from the delivery. Warranty Period for products that are manufactured for customized specifications, are modified by customers' needs and are not specified its warranty period is basically 1 year from the delivery. FINE SUNTRONIX provides parts and repair service for free within the warranty period, in case of the problems occurs, even customers follow the specified application of the specification.

However, we do not warrant the problems caused by inappropriate application, customers' mistakes, unauthorized repair, opening and alteration even in the warranty period. The specified specification and details are subject to be changed without any prior notice.